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    Option 1 - Silver & Golden Badges

    If your website is listed on Bitcoin.Directory, it is because your website is a good one.
    Show it to your users by using one of the following badges:

      Silver Badge Golden Badge

    Requirements to use Your site must be listed on Your site must be listed on, and you are a gold member of the site
    Links to Bitcoin.Directory Homepage
    Dedicated Certification Page

    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a>
    * Replace 300 with 200 or 150 for different image width.
    Price FREE*

    * Your website must be listed on Bitcoin.Directory in order to use this badge.
    Interested in our golden badge?
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    Option 2 - Featured Listing

    Do you own a bitcoin related website? You can list it as featured and get more attention from potential customers.

    Sample Featured Listings:

    Option 3 - Advertise on Bitcoin.Directory is a central hub, and viewed by many bitcoin enthusiasts.
    By advertising on, you can reach a very specific and bitcoin-oriented crowed.

    We have different advertisement places.
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    Option 4 - Site Of The Week Sponsorship

    Display your website using our site-wide coverage. Contact for more details.
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