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    Quality code for websites

    We make a lot of effort to maintain high quality websites in Bitcoin.Directory. All of the websites listed are:

    Relevant to Bitcoin - The site is about bitcoin, related to bitcoin or accepts bitcoin payments.
    Helpful - The site provides something helpful or useful to the user.
    Usable - The site is not in beta mode. The interface is good enough for the average user to be able to use.
    Active - The site is being updated on a regular basis.
    Safe - The site does not promote any malware or viruses.
    Trustworthy - The site does not have a bad reputation in the bitcoin community.

    We reserve the right to add or remove sites based on our own manual review. If a website stopped following the quality code mentioned, we will remove it immediately from our directory.

    Report Websites

    Did you find an obsolete website on Bitcoin.Directory? Or a website that is breaching our quality code? Please report it.

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